Science – Based App Development


 Available on the Apple App Store



     PiSwift – This app uses the Monte Carlo method to calculate the value of pi.

     Atmospheric Model – This app uses a simple two-layer radiative transfer model to calculate planetary temperatures and radiative flux densities that affect climate.

    Critters1 Biodiversity – In this app you attempt to keep predators and prey species in dynamic equilibrium.

  dicetest2 – Experiment & generate many passphrase candidates.


The above apps do not collect any user data.


You can search for PiSwift on the Apple App Store using ‘PiSwift’ or combinations of the following keywords: Pi, Monte Carlo, simulation, method, math, mathematics, irrational, number, circle, radius. For ‘Atmospheric Model’ the keywords are: planet, sun, orbit, atmosphere, climate, radiation, albedo, emission, absorption, temperature, flux. For ‘Critters1 Biodiversity’ the keywords are: biome, biodiversity, predator, prey, chase, evade, dynamic, equilibrium, game, education.For dicetest2 the keywords are: Diceware, password, passphrase, passcode, dice, random number, probability, key-value dictionary.

NOTE: Do not search e.g. only on ‘pi’ as the PiSwift app will be lost in a sea of hundreds of hits, a large number of which will have little to do with the mathematical concept of pi.